46222325454344424140393836372928272624312132333435151718161211131410978562134302019Matsue Kimono RentalHorikawa Komachi★Rental kimono/yukataMatsueCityMatsueCityKurayoshiCityTottoriCitySakai-minatoCityYasugiCity → ¥3,240¥4,320 Akagawara Shop #6 Kuwata Soy Sauce Brewery ★with purchase over 1,000yen5%oGeocoms ★for1h→¥1,000¥2,000 Saiundo Main Store ★matcha set100 yen discount[¥540(tax included)…¥432(tax included)]Maguro Ramen Honpo Taiyoken ★Hon-maguro Ramen(Up to 4 persons)→ ¥818¥918 ★Whole crab ramen(Up to 4 persons)→ ¥1,196¥1,296 Saginoyu-so★Hot spring spa→ ¥500¥700※The lineup of facilities and content of  discounts is subject to changeExamples of facilities where the coupon is usableMore and more facilities are joining the discount service!Uradome Coast””Trip Around the Islands”” Sightseeing Pleasure Boat Tottori Prefectual Flower Park Watanabe Museum of ArtNima Sand Museum Adachi Museum Of ArtIzumo Museum of Quilt Art Matsue Vogel Park Matue Castle&Horikawa Sightseeing BoatYuushien Garden Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Museum(Tottori 20th Century Pear Museum)Bicycle rentals are also free with this pass!Matsue Horikawa Loccal Beer Hall / Izumo Tourism Association/ COCORETO Daikon Island 1-day Passfor 24h¥2,000¥1,000Price¥4,000PriceChild(6-11years old)¥2,000Child(6-11years old)3-day Passfor 72hDownload the applicationFree coupon, map of San'in Region, route search service, and information on tourist facilities availableLower price!Visit San'in Tourist PassVisit San'in Tourist Pass46 facilities and more!※Available for purchase at each ticket ofces. For information about the ticket ofces and the tourist facilities, please visit the webpage: "San'in Tourist Pass " through the app and enjoy convenient journey at lower prices!More and more facilities are joining the discount service! For the latest information, please visit the webpage: purchase and inquires:JTB Corp. may take time to respond to the inquiries)As of December 15, 2018When you purchase Attraction Pass, you can enter the following paid tourist can enter as many tourist facilities as you want in San'in Region (Tottori and Shimane)!!Buy Attraction Pass through the app "Visit San'in Tourist Pass," and Choose and purchase Attraction Pass!!

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