“”Michelin Green Guide San'in Web EditionMichelin has published an online San'in edition of its well known Michelin Green Guide. Part of the previously published Michelin Green Guide Japan, here are some of the San'in related additions to the fifth edition: The Sand Museum (★), Shirakabe-dozogun Quarter (★), Mizuki Shigeru Road (★), Oki Islands (★★), Yuushien Gardens (★★), Iwami Kagura (★). A total of 63 touristic areas and attractions from the San'in area are included in the latest edition!02STEPSend an e-mail to e-mail address displayed on each guide'sprofile page.01STEPAccess and select an the interpreter guide.03STEPNegotiate and consult with theinterpreter guide regarding schedule, fee, the method of payment, etc..San'in Area Limited Special Interpreter GuidesTwuwano Tourist Information Center71-2 Ushiroda, Tsuwano-cho, Kanoashi-gunTEL 0856-72-1771Hamada Tourist Information Center17-2 Ekimae-cho, Masuda-shiTEL 0856-22-7120Taisha Tourist Information CenterShinmondori Omotenashi Station780-4 Kizuki Minami, Taisha-cho, Izumo-shi TEL 0853-53-2298Izumo Station Tourist Information Center11 Ekikita-machi, Izumo-shiTEL 0853-30-6015Izumo Airport Information Center2633-1 Okinosu, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shiTEL 0853-72-7500Matsue New Urban Hotel Information Center40-1 Nishicha-machi, Matsue-shTEL 0852-23-0003You can hire a specially trained tour-guide to show you around the San'in area and also act as an interpreter. These guides have been trained and certified by the San'in Area Limited Special Interpreter Guide program.3

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