豊想DISCOVER ANOTHER JAPANVol.2SAN’INShiomi NawateThe 500-meter long moat runs alongside Matsue Castle starting from the front of the Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum. There is a district called Shiomi Nawate with samurai houses from the Edo period preserved here. You can feel the presence of the castle looming over this historic area. This district is designated as a traditional aesthetic area of Matsue city and the road has been chosen as one of the Best 100 roads in Japan.In addition to the Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum and the old residence of Koizumi Yakumo, there is also the Former Samurai Residence and the Tanabe Art Museum, where your intellectual desires are fulfilled. While strolling through the city streets you can think of the scenes spun by Koizumi Yakumo at that time. There is also Jouzan Inari Shrine, which Yakumo loved, in the Matsue Castle grounds. Why not stretch your legs, wander around and visit this historic destination?!In front of the Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum souvenir shops line the streets. Buy some Yakumo souvenirs to take home as a memento!(Matsue)Kura Bar Yui Enjoy a fulfilling moment at thisretro bar in a refurbished warehouse.It is a sake bar managed by Miwa Ishihara, a freelance announc-er in San’in. Ishihara has a deep understanding of sake and has been publishing books about Shimane and Tottori sake. She participates in PR events for local sake in and out of Japan and is actively trying to spread the beauty of sake from San’in.The bar is in a renovated warehouse with a retro look and intriguing atmosphere. There are numerous tasty snacks that go perfectly with the various types of local sake on offer. Chat with the owner while you try and compare different options.Because there is not much parking, we recommend going by bus or taxi.It is difficult to find but it is behind the traditional restaurant Horai Kichi-jitsuan. The outside looks just like a warehouse and the entrance is unchanged. You feel like you’re entering an old Japanese warehouse.Pamphlets and free Wi-Fi are also available for visitors, so you can enjoy exploring with confidence.The map on the Internet is not clear but you can’t enter from the south side (towards Karakoro Art Studio). Please enter from the west side (towards Shimane Prefectural Government Office) or the north side (towards Shimane Civic Center).There are sidewalks, but some-times they are narrow because the pine trees protrude onto the road. There is a lot of traffic so please be careful, as excessive crossing is dangerous.Address: 101 Tonomachi, Matsue, Shimane Opening hours: 19: 00-23: 00Holidays: irregular holidayTEL 090-9503-6911 (Ishihara)※ payment in cash onlyAddress: Kitabori-cho, Matsue readingKoizumiYakumoSakeHistorical area that makes youwonder about Yakumo`s lifeShimaneCivic CenterShimanePrefectural officeKura Bar Yui PointPointJouzan InariShrineMatsue History MuseumShimane Civic CenterShimanePrefectural officeMatsue ShinjikoOnsen StationSan’in ChuouBuildingHorai KichijitsuanKarakoroArt StudioTown PlazaShimane Karakoro PlazaMatsueCastleMatsue CityGeneralGymnasium McDonald'sJR Matsue StationLafcadio Hearn Memorial MuseumOhashi RiverLake ShinjiShiomi Nawate想豊28

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