dwelling of gods and Buddhist deitiesNational TreasureNAGEIREDOMisasa OnsenNageiredoA Master OfTOTTORIArchitectureTraining site for the Purification of the Six Roots of Perception. Mt. Mitoku is a training ground for Shugendo. The mountain highlights Shinto ideology of co-existence and co-prosperity with nature. It is a sacrosanct place where you get in tune with ancient Japanese culture.Misasa Onsen resort, which is one of the world’s finest radon hot springs, is just a stone’s throw away. The etiquette of bathing at Misasa Onsen to purify the body and mind before commencing your journey up Mt. Mitoku has arisen over time.Training on Mt. Mitoku purifies the six roots of per-ception; eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. The concept is called Rokkon Shojo (Purification of the Six Roots of Perception). At Misasa Onsen, relaxing and soothing in the hot waters heals the six senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and spirit. This is known as Rokkan Chiyu (Healing of the Six Senses). The history and culture of purification and healing and deep relationship between Mt. Mitoku and Misasa Onsen is the reason The Agency for Cultural Affairs selected these as Japanese Heritage sites in 2015.Mt. Mitoku is known as “the mountain dwelling of gods and Buddhist deities”. The mountain is a sacred training ground for Shugendo (a syncretic set of reli-gious beliefs combining esoteric Buddhism, Shinto ascetic practices and mountain worshipping). The National treasure Nageiredo, the inner hall of Sanbutsuji Temple, awaits you at the end of Gyoujado (a Mt. Mitoku training trekking route). It is known as `the most dangerous national treasure in Japan`. Even though when you climb Mt. Mitoku you push yourself and face danger, the solemnness and beauty keep attracting more visitors. The mountain 22

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