TOPICSYou will get hooked onthis rich flavor!Beef-bone RamenTOTTORIWAGYUTottori has been known for its quality wagyu produc-tion since the Edo period. Tottori pedigree wagyu is known to contain Oleic acid that is also the main com-ponent of olive oil. It is said that Oleic acid is directly related to how the beef melts in your mouth. Tottori wagyu containing 55% or more Oleic acid is branded as Tottori Wagyu Oleic 55. Relish the taste as this soft and tender beef melts in your mouth!SHIMANEWAGYUShimane Wagyu is from Japanese cattle that have been reared carefully in the vast nature of Shimane Prefec-ture. By having vivid colors, deep richness and flavor-ful taste, the meat won the Most Honorable Award, Prime Minister Award and other awards at the “Wagyu Olympics”. It is recognized nationwide for the edgy softness, Umami flavor and the silky fat that isn’t too heavy. Wagyu Beef in San’inIn the San’in region, stretching far from east to west and blessed with nature including Mt. Daisen, the livestock industry is thriving.The meat quality won the award for the best in Japan. Among the different wagyu’s, we will introduce some of the best representatives of Tottori and Shimane.At the foot of Mt. Daisen, Daisen Livestock Market was held from the Edo period. There is a long history of cattle and horses being traded in this area. Tottori wagyu inherited the lineage of the name Ketaka (the breed of cow) that won first prize at the inaugural “Wagyu Olympics”.Daisen has been an area of cattle produc-tion because of its rich nature. This is the reason why it is said that getting beef bones was easier than other regions. There is a rich beef flavor, but it is not overpowering and it’s to get addicted. You can try it in various areas in Tottori including Kotoura and Kurayoshi.TOPICSOkigyu (Oki Beef)Legendary Black CattleOki, a group of islands floating in the northeast of the Shimane peninsula has a blessed natural environment. Controlled and consistent breeding techniques produce safe and high quality Okigyu. The taste is the unique flavor of the best of the best black cattle and is called “legendary black cattle” as there are few breeding stocks.History of Tottori WagyuIn the mountain area of Izumo, which was the main production region of tatara iron, many cattle and horses were indispensable as a means of transportation. For that reason, Cattle Breeding was also thriving. In the 1950s, as the demand for transportation decreased, the industry evolved towards meat production. From this the Shimane Wagyu name became well known nationwide.History of Shimane WagyuWagyuA Master ofSHIMANETOTTORILivestock Why is San’in’sfood and water so delicious?牛Best ofbeefImage of Beef-bone Ramen20

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