天然水Okudaisen Bunanomori Water PlantShimaneTottoriTEL 0859-75-6114Address; 1177 Kasarahara, Mitsukue, Ouji, Koufu-cho, Hino-gun, Tottori Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays Shutdown in January and FebruaryThe number of tours per day and closed days are subject tochange depending on the season.Nature createsthe best qualitySoft and fluffy soil is nature’s own water factoryOkudaisen is a privileged place where rich nature produces crystal clear water. Suntory Natural Mineral Water: Okudaisen is sourced underground. The rainwater or snow that lands on Okudaisen drips down through layers of trees, leaves and into the soft and fluffy soil. In the forest the water spends about 20 years being purely filtered by slowly sinking through the many stratums, it becomes soft and contains numerous natural minerals. At the Okudaisen factory, the quality of raw water gets checked every day and strictly filtered and sterilized. Inspectors examine the water, complete chemical testing and tastings, to see if the water meets the rigid standards.Factory tourThere is a free factory tour at the Okudaisen Factory. The tour includes a projection mapping screening with a georama of Okudaisen, observing the actual production line making plastic bottles and filling the natural mineral water, labeling and more. At the end of the tour you even get some souvenirs, including Okudaisen Natural Miner-al Water to take home. The tour is held four or five times a day, but the space is limited, so it’s better to reserve online. There is also another tour where you can stroll around the factory. The tours are only run in Japanese.This is what the bottle looks like before processing. It will become the plastic bottle you see here.It’s remarkably soft water and it even has a sort of sweetness.SuntoryNatural Mineral WaterOkudaisen FactoryOkudaisen is a place surrounded by rich nature. From ancient times locals believed that the gods live in Mt. Daisen. That is why there is such beautiful nature and it’s even designated as a national park. Suntory Natural Mineral Water Okudaisen Factory stands in the middle of the beech tree forest in Okudaisen. San’in sake is so good because the water and rice are such high quality and the techniques of sake masters bring out the best in these ingredients. Listen in as we tell you about the rich blessings of nature that San’in has to offer and how we’re making the most of it.Feature: Suntory Natural Mineral Water Okudaisen FactoryNatural Mineral Water:OkudaisenKitanisawa mountain streamMineralWaterA Master ofTOTTORIQuality ManagementGOODEXPERIENCEWhy is San’in’sfood and water so delicious?Suntory Natural Mineral Water Okudaisen Factory18

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