There are many onsen ryokans where you can enjoy sake to your hearts content.If you think of a place synonymous with sake, not only in San’in, the first thing that comes to mind is onsen ryokans. After soaking yourself in a local onsen your body and mind are relaxed. Drink some sake and eat well-paired dishes freely, without worrying about driving or having to catch the last train. What a treat!Luckily, from east to west there are many famous onsen resorts with great quality water in San’in. In addition, Tottori Airport, Yonago Airport, Izumo Airport and Hagi-Iwami Airport provide great access to Tottori and Shimane Prefectures. These locations are all well con-nected and easily accessible by train. From Dr. Horie’s interview, we now know that a lot of good sake is made in San’in. So, is San’in a great place to enjoy good sake ? The answer is YES! Let’s look at some different points of view to see why San’in is great.Is San’in a great place to enjoy sake ?There are a plethora of restaurants where you can enjoy sake. Don’t forget about the humble izakaya (Japanese style restaurant bar) when you think of sake.The kanji 居 (i) means you present or sit there and 居酒 (izake) was used to describe sake that people gathered and drunk in front of a sake store. That is the origin of the word 居酒屋 (izakaya, 屋-ya means a shop), a place you can have a good time drink-ing sake with friends. Dishes with various seafood and wagyu (Japanese beef) are served in San’in izakayas. There is also a broad selection of local sake from all over San’in. The prices are reasonable, and you can immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. The concept of “locally-grown and locally-consumed” has expanded and many izakayas are serving more organic dishes with locally grown fresh vegetables.You can enjoy crabs and oysters which are specialties of the San’in coast.Any famous onsen ryokan in the San’in region serves locally caught fresh seafood for your dining pleasure.The San’in coast has some of the best fishing ports and quality seafood in all of Japan. Especially Red Snow Crab that is in season Main onsen resorts in San’inIs San’in a great place to enjoy sake ?Kanpai!Reason 1Reason 2Reason 3MuikaichiTsuwanoAraisoArifukuMimataAsahiChiharaYunotsuSanbeOkuizumo Beautiful SkinHot Spring VillageTamatsukuriKaikeGoenyuinSekiganeTottoriShimaneHiroshimaOkayamaHawaiTogoHamamuraTottoriShikanoMisasaIwaiTachikuekyoTottori AirportYonago AirportIzumo AirportHagi Iwami Airport16

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