About WagashiTsugio ItamiBorn in 1935 in the Yatsuka district (now Matsue city). After finishing at Tamayu Middle School in 1951, he began working as a wagashi maker. He has been developing his skills for over 60 years and more recently has received many accolades for his mastery. He was honorably recognized as a “Food Master” in 1995 and “Contemporary Master Craftsman”, an award given to prominent craftsmen, in 1998. In 2001 he received a Medal with Yellow Ribbon (award given to those who are held in high esteem for professional diligence, superior technical knowledge, and guidance and cultivation of younger workers).From 2011, he started wagashi making demonstra-tions at Matsue History Museum for the Japanese tea ceremony.Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets that are made with less oils or fats, spices or dairy products than western sweets. The main ingredients are grains such as rice or wheat; beans such as red beans or soybeans and fine quality sugar called Wasanbon (refined sugar made from Japanese sugarcane). Because of the ingredients, they have become popular worldwide as healthy sweets.Another feature is the strong connection with the four seasons in Japan. Especially Jounamagashi (high quality wet confectionary), made by masters using sophisticated techniques, to express the sense of the seasons. You can really enjoy these for the taste but also for the visual beauty. Matsue is recognized in the List of the Top 3 Representative Japanese Confectionary places along with Kyoto and Kanazawa.At Matsue History Museum, located at the foot of Matsue Castle, the wagashi master Tsugio Itami demonstrates his skills. You can try his wagashi with matcha and test out his Contemporary Master Craftsman award winning skills, all while enjoying the view of the Japanese garden. FeatureTsugio ItamiItami’s signature creation (made from bracken starch)Rich-flavored sweets using the highest quality red beans DainagonHonwarabimochiHonoguraIt was in the late Edo period when wagashi (Japanese sweets) were introduced to Matsue.When Fumai Matsudaira was the feudal lord of the Matsue domain, various sweets were made for him.Fumai was also known as a Japanese tea ceremony master and developed Fumai-ryu, his own unique style of tea ceremony in the castle town, Matsue. WagashiA Master ofSHIMANESweetsArtistic Handcrafted Sweets10

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