sakein SouvenirsThe following section introduces ways to enjoy the night life in San’in!First, let’s take a look at three sake breweries as the San’in region has deep roots in Japanese rice wine. Although traditional methods are tried-and-true, some are trying new things which really shine. There are even spaces to enjoy sake in a standing bar. Then, we’ll take a look at the best product lineups to help you remember the nightlife here. Lastly, we’ll explore recommended spots to check out after sundown!MATSUESAKAIMINATO A brewery founded in the Edo Era, located in Sakaiminato, also known as the famous Yokai Town. Chiyomusubi refers to a never-changing, tight bond and connection with the people. They are very progressive in making sake, adopting new ideas while also preserving traditional methods using genuine, local ingredients. Chiyomusubi Sorah is a new type of sparkling, refined sake. Sorah means “sky,” inspired by the climbing sensation towards the clouds when you drink it. This Japanese style champagne can be used during toasts or enjoyed during meals on happy or special occasions. At the Okasora Honten near JR Sakaiminato Station, you can join a brewery tour (reservation required) to take a closer look at the sake-making process and enjoy tastings. Other ways to enjoy this long-standing establishment is ordering shochu castella or amazake at the café Saboukuraya. Or enjoy Chiyomusubi sake and accompanying sweets at the standing bar Shuzo Kaku-Uchi. A liquor store located in Matsue City, Shimane along the Hori River. They have a wide selection of local Shimane sakes and sakes from all over Japan. Sake can be enjoyed in many different ways whether you like it dry, sweet, crisp, or full-bodied like wine. At Itamoto, there is a staff member who has been certified as a sommelier and has experience waiting at a French restaurant. You can get recommendations based on your preferences or food pairings. You can even sample bottles at a reasonable price. Sake bottles do not only come in the orthodox 1,800ml size, but there are many sold at 720ml as well. It is common for customers to purchase a bottle to enjoy later at the hotel. Japanese wine and shochu are also available. Right next to it is Tachikyu, a standing bar, where you can casually enjoy foods with sake such as locally made jerky, tofu, and cheese. They can even introduce all styles of drinking sake, be it cold (reishu), at room temperature (jouon), or hot (atsukan). Craft beer and juice are also available.Chiyo Musubi Brewery住所:鳥取県境港市大正町131Address: 131 Taishomachi, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Pref.Hours: 9:00-17:00 (Shuzo Kaku-Uchi 10:00~21:00) Closed: NeverURL:        0859-42-3191 Itamoto Sake住所:島根県松江市末次本町91Address: 91 Suetsuguhonmachi, Matsue City, Shimane Pref.Hours: [Store] 11:00-20:30 [Tachikyu] 17:00-20:00 *Both close at 19:00 on Sun and Holidays Closed: TuesdaysURL: SPECIAL GIFTEnjoy San’in in Styleat a Standing BarCheck out Karakoro Hiroba! Details on p.12EnglishMAP p.15MAP p.14Original Postcard!*One-time only Chiyomusubi Brewery千代むすび酒造Itamoto Sakeいたもと酒店Overseas Visitors w/ this PamphletCar navigation system0852-20-1919Car navigation systemVol.032019 Spring9

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