Kasuien Minami (Tamatsukuri Onsen)住所:島根県松江市玉湯町玉造温泉1218-8Address: 1218-8 Tamatsukuri Onsen, Tamayu Town, Matsue City, Shimane Pref.URL: navigation system0852-62-0331Kasuitei (Kaike Onsen)住所:鳥取県米子市皆生温泉4-19-10Address: 4-19-10 Kaike Onsen, Yonago City, Tottori Pref.URL:       0859-33-0001Vol.032019 SpringSatisfying Crab & Hot SpringRyokan Ohashi (Misasa Onsen)住所:鳥取県東伯郡三朝町三朝302-1Address: 302-1 Misasa, Misasa Town, Tohaku District, Tottori Pref.URL:       0858-43-0211 You can enjoy various dishes at Kasuitei, including meaty crabs boiled, grilled, or raw based on your preference. The Sakaiminato Port is just a hop away, where they catch Matsuba snow crabs, so the seafood is guaranteed to be fresh. The Kani Kiwami Plan serves the highest brand of crab that Sakaiminato has to offer. There are other plans that include many local specialties besides crab, including but not limited to soft Tottori Wagyu beef, locally grown koshi-hikari rice, and squid from Sakiminato. They have guest rooms with private outdoor baths, allowing you to take in the breathtaking view of the Sea of Japan and rooms with beds. Unwind in the baths that use water from a privately-owned hot spring and contains skin beautifying components. The tourmaline bath has negative ions and far-infrared qualities, helping your mind and body to relax and recover from the stress of daily life. Kaike Onsen is a unique resort with hot springs within the Sea of Japan. Kasuitei is a Japanese-style inn with a great view of the sea and Mount Daisen, the tallest mountain in Chugoku region. Enjoy the great scenery, the great food, and the great baths here. At Kasuien Minami, you can enjoy food prepared in various ways, included freshly caught crab either raw, grilled, or boiled. There are also plans that offer abalone steak or Shimane Wagyu steak. Tamatsukuri is considered the oldest hot spring in Japan, and the water is said to beautify skin and improve health. There are Japanese-style guest rooms with a beautiful view of the garden as well as rooms with beds. This ryokan has more than 130 years of tradition with easy access to Matsue, Izumo Taisha, and the Iwami Silver Mine. At Ohashi, you can enjoy authentic Japanese meals prepared by the head chef, named a Modern Master by the national government. The food differs by the season, and is always made to be visually appealing. Ohashi was built to showcase the epitome of Japanese architecture in Misasa Onsen, the leading radium springs in the world. Designated as a registered tangible cultural property, they offer a unique and special experience. The hot springs have the best radium content and is said to improve your immune strength and natural healing ability. There are large shared baths as well as guest rooms with private baths.YONAGOMATSUESPECIAL GIFTSPECIAL GIFT*Crab Cuisine from Nov 12 ‘til Feb 28*Meals differ based on plans*Meals differ based on plansEnglishEnglishKoreanChineseKoreanEnglishChineseMAP p.15MAP p.15MAP p.14MISASAKaike Onsen Bath Salt!*Limited to staying guests *May only be claimed onceBath Salt “Ohashi no Moto”!*Limited to staying guests *May only be claimed onceKasuitei (Kaike Onsen)華水亭Kasuien Minami (Tamatsukuri Onsen)佳翠苑皆美Ryokan Ohashi (Misasa Onsen)旅館 大橋Overseas Visitors w/ this PamphletOverseas Visitors w/ this PamphletCar navigation systemCar navigation system7

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