KURAYOSHIAL MAREIWAMI(Tottori) Iwami Town in Tottori is proud to be home to the San’in Coastal Geopark, recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark. There are rugged rock formations made by the raging Sea of Japan, white sand beaches surrounded by cliffs, contrasting scenery with a lush pine tree, and crystal clear waters to add to the beauty. AL MARE is an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy a nice view the Higashihama beach with your meal. It is also very accessible being right next to JR Higashihama Station on the Sanin Main Line. The glass wall allows you to see the sea from any table you’re seated at. This is the best spot to enjoy genuine Italian in an expansive space. All ingredients are carefully selected and many foods from the sea are also used for their dishes and pastas, allowing you to enjoy the best of each season. There is also an assortment of sweets. You can try a wide variety with the Afternoon Tea Set. The sweets are on another level as they use superb ingredients and are made with the finest skill. The Shirakabe white walls of Kurayoshi in Central Tottori line the streets with an old cityscape that some call the Little Kyoto of San’in. In this area reminiscent of days past is Machiya Seisuian. A machiya, or townhouse, is traditionally made from wood and used by merchants or craftsmen. At Seisuian, you can enjoy a meal in a townhouse built over a century ago. Seisuian is an established mochi shop, and they are known for their Mochi-Shabu. This dish is where you shabu-shabu thinly sliced pieces of mochi in a rich bonito broth before eating. There are 12 flavors of mochi including shrimp, mugwort, sesame, yuzu, and more. They are presented in a way that resembles a twelve-layered ceremonial kimono. Sets also include vegetables, duck meatballs, chawanmushi (custard dish). The zenzai is also a popular item. It is a piece of mochi served in a sweet red bean soup. Eating here is sure to warm you up when you are feeling chilly.Exquisite Italian Cuisine in San’inAL MARE住所:鳥取県岩美郡岩美町陸上34Address: 34 Kugami, Iwami Town, Iwami District, Tottori Pref.Hours: [LUNCH] 11:30-14:00 [CAFE] 14:00-17:00 *Closes at 16:00 in Jan-FebClosed: WednesdaysURL:        0857-73-5055Seisuian住所:鳥取県倉吉市堺町1-876Address: 1-876 Sakaemachi, Kurayoshi City, Tottori Pref.Hours: [Lunch] 11:00-14:00, [Dinner] 17:30-21:00 (L.O.20:00)Closed: TuesdaysURL: Mochi-Shabu in a TownhouseSPECIAL GIFTOne free welcome drink!*Drink is selected by AL MAREOne free soft drink!*One-time onlySPECIAL GIFTSeisuian町屋 清水庵Overseas Visitors w/ this PamphletOverseas Visitors w/ this PamphletCar navigation systemVol.032019 SpringMAP p.15MAP p.15アルマーレ6

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