liquor and cuisine!KOTOURA The residents of Central Tottori regard gyukotsu ramen, made with broth from beef bones, as their soul food. This unique offering can be had at Shokuji Dokoro Kamitoku, a very popular spot in the town of Kotoura. This eatery has been open for more than 60 years, and it serves everything from ramen to set meals such as their karaage (fried chicken) set, fried shrimp set, katsu-don (cutlet on rice), and other items in an atmosphere reminiscent of an older Japan. The menu is not printed in English, but there is a magnificent food sample display which makes ordering easy. Japan adopted the culture of showing their menu via food samples since the Showa Era (1926-1989), but many restaurants in recent years have dropped the practice. The broth of beef bone ramen is clear, making it hard to imagine how rich and flavorful it really is. Beef bones help make the broth sweet, and it is very gentle on the palate. The more you have this ramen, the more you can’t live without it. Some may already know this, but the proper way to eat noodles in Japan is to slurp while eating it. You don’t have to worry about your manners because everybody does it! This etiquette is known as the true pleasure of eating in Japan. And when in Rome, or in this case Japan, do as the Japanese do. Give it a try, you might end up liking it. Kamitoku has expanded to Ginza in Tokyo and even Hawaii, providing people around the world the chance to try beef bone ramen. Daisen Black Cattle was rated as the best beef nationwide at the Wagyu Olympics of Japan in 2017, and you can enjoy this award-winning beef here at Daisen Kuroushi Kyoshotei. Daisen Black Cattle beef melts the moment it touches your lips, and your mouth is filled with its umami flavor. This umami and texture can be attributed to the uniform and smooth marbling in the meat. Each cow is raised in a stress-free environment, allowing you to enjoy beef that is not too greasy but refreshing. The producer is also the owner of the restaurant, making it possible to eat some of the best and rare cuts. Every course is popular with patrons, which include the Daisen Kuroushi Wagyu Course, the Premium Course, and the Champion Course. Each course contains the three main styles of Japanese cuisine, using grilled meats in sushi, shabu-shabu, and sukiyaki. You also get a salad made with locally grown vegetables and select dressing as well as oxtail soup. There are English menus available, as well as English speaking staff members. All courses can be enjoyed from one customer and up. Included in the MICHELIN Guide Kyoto, Osaka + Tottori 2019, it was rated “comfortable.”YONAGO*Includes alcoholic beverages *One per customer per visit *Present this upon arrival or when orderingKamitoku住所:鳥取県東伯郡琴浦町赤碕1979Address: 1979 Akasaki, Kotoura Town, Tohaku District, Tottori Pref.Hours: 11:00-21:00 (L.O.20:30)Closed: MondaysURL: Kuroushi Kyoshotei住所:鳥取県米子市角盤町1-60-11Address: 1-60-11 Kakubancho, Yonago City, Tottori Pref.Hours: 11:00-14:30 (L.O.14:00) 17:00-23:00 (L.O.22:00) *Sat: Open for lunch onlyClosed: SundaysURL:       0859-30-2989EnglishEnglishSPECIAL GIFTMAP p.15MAP p.15Daisen Kuroushi Kyoshotei大山黒牛処 強小亭Kamitokuお食事処 香味徳Overseas Visitors w/ this Pamphlet1 Free Soft Drink!Vol.032019 SpringCar navigation system5

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