Boundless meld ofBrewery & RestaurantBierhof GanbariusBrewery & Restaurant Bierhof Ganbarius住所:鳥取県西伯郡伯耆町丸山1740-30Address: 1740-30 Maruyama, Hōki Town, Saihaku District, Tottori Pref.Hours: (Jan-Feb) Fri-Sun & Holidays: 11:00-21:00 (Mar-Dec) Mon-Fri: 11:00-14:30, 17:30-22:00 (‘til 21:00 in winter) Sat-Sun & Holidays: 11:00-22:00 (‘til 21:00 in winter) *Last Order: 40 min before closing Closed: Mondays (or day after a holiday)URL:  A small brewery at the foot of Daisen National Park at an altitude of 300m. Daisen G Beer, a craft beer, is brewed in this environment with crisp air, clean water, and rich soil. The Daisen G Beer lineup is recognized worldwide for its flavor. The weizen leads the lineup and was named the best beer at the World Beer Awards in 2011. The pilsner took gold in the International Beer Cup in 2016. The best place to try Daisen G Beer is at Bierhof Ganbarius, a restaurant run alongside the brewery. A popular item is the G Beer Set, which includes the main lineup of the weizen, the pilsner, the mild pale ale, the dark stout, and a limited-edition beer. This allows customers to sample a flight of five beers. The ample food menu offers everything from local fish, meat, and vegetables, as well as genuine pizza and pasta. There’s also a kids’ menu. Wine, sake, and shochu are also available, as there is a sake brewery right next door. They offer a shuttle course (at least 15 people) and an overnight course (at least 2 people).HOUKISPECIAL GIFT A sushi-go-round that lets you order via a touch screen. The menu is available in English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, and French. Sushi can be judged by how fresh it is. Tairyomaru is located next the famous Sakaiminato, known for its seafood harbor, which means you can enjoy fresh and decadent sushi at any time. The rice used is locally grown. Most ingredients are also stored at hyo-on, or just above freezing temperature, to maintain the best flavor to extenuate the kinu-musume sushi rice, mixed with savory red vinegar. In other words, you can eat some of the best sushi here with fresh seafood and plump rice. There are over five types of tuna sushi. Or you can order combinations such as the maguro-zanmai (3 types of tuna), kai-zanmai (3 types of shellfish), or salmon-all to enjoy variations of sushi in one platter. There are also unique offerings available. You can even partake in nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch) and mizutako (pacific octopus), which are considered local delicacies. Payments systems are also state-of-the-art, so you can pay with any credit card or smartphone.SAKAIMINATO*One set per pamphlet.Tairyomaru住所:鳥取県境港市竹内団地280-1Address: 280-1 Takenouchidanchi, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Pref.Hours: 11:00-21:00 (L.O.20:30) Closed: TuesdaysURL: G BeerOriginal sticker collection gift!Complimentary Boxed Juice EnglishKoreanTraditionalChineseSPECIAL GIFTMAP p.15MAP p.15(Apple/Orange/Mixed/Other)ブルワリーレストラン ビアホフ ガンバリウスTairyomaru大漁丸Overseas Visitors w/ this PamphletOverseas Visitors w/ this Pamphletfor totals of ¥1,200 or more!0859-39-80330859-45-0788Car navigation systemVol.032019 SpringCar navigation system4

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