Karakoro Hiroba – Kyomise Arcade When the curtain of night envelops the water city of Matsue, a soft light wraps around a certain place. Its appearance is different from daylight, and welcomes visitors with a sense of familiarity. The Kyomise Arcade is located in the middle of Matsue’s city center, just 10 minutes by foot from the national treasure Matsue Castle. At night, street lamps light up with a soft glow, giving passersby a chance to take in the charm of the area. In the middle of this arcade is Karakoro Hiroba, a gathering spot for people strolling in the area and distinguishable by its Japanese umbrella-like roof. It is also the dock for the Horikawa Sightseeing Boat. Many people use this space because it is open to everyone. The name Karakoro comes from the beginning of a book written by a famous author from Greece who came to Japan in the Meiji Era named Lafcadio Hearn, also known as Yakumo Koizumi. He states that the sound of geta sandals crossing a wooden bridge makes the sound karakoro. There are many delightful looking shops nearby. There is a café with Japanese sweets and macha, a shop that serves soba and sake, and even an authentic Italian bar, making every visit exciting and worthwhile. On p.9 we introduced Itamoto Saketen, which is also in the area. Many of the shops have English speaking staff, and the arcade pamphlet has been translated into various languages for your convenience. On the other side of the river is a multi-purpose facility with the shared name Karakoro Kobo. Within this retro style building you can find miscellaneous goods and even a shop that lets you experience wearing kimonos. Karakoro Kobo is open during the day, so it’s ideal to check that out first before heading over to Karakoro Hiroba for an evening stroll. Both Karakoro Kobo and Karakoro Hiroba actively participate in special holiday or seasonal events, so they are worth checking out during those times too.MATSUEDay or Night Stroll SpotStunning Night Karakoro Hiroba [Kyomise Arcade] Address: 110 Suetsuguhonmachi, Matsue City, Shimane Pref. Kobo Japanese Tea Café SCARAB BETTEI 日本茶カフェ スカラベ別邸A café by the Japanese tea manufacturer Senchasoh. Everything from the drinks to the sweets that use Japanese tea are top notch.Closed: Mondays (Open on holidays)Hours: 9:00-19:00 Soba YUUZAN  そば遊山Handmade soba with aromatic millstones, junmai sake, and seasonal foods. Everything a soba-mae set should have!Closed: Sundays, 2nd & 4th MondaysHours: [Mon-Thu] 18:00-23:00 [Fri-Sat] 18:00-24:00 Izakaya KUMAKICHI  居酒屋 くま吉A vast menu with 120 items. Enjoy a little bit of everything.Closed: SundaysHours: [Weekdays, Sat, Holidays, Day before holiday] Dinner: 17:30-22:30 (L.O.22:00)E. Dining Cello Dining CelloWestern style food with big portions using local ingredients by a chef who has been trained in both Germany and Japan.Closed: MondaysHours: [Tues-Sun, Holidays] 11:30-15:00 (L.O.14:30) [Tues-Thu, Sun, Holidays] 18:00-25:00 (L.O.24:00) [Fri-Sat, Before Holidays] 18:00-26:00 (L.O.25:00)F. Matsue Café TSUKIGASE  松江月ヶ瀬Offers a popular Japanese tea and dumpling set. We recommend the ramen, made with a genuine broth from fish and shellfish.Closed: IrregularHours: 10:00-18:30 (L.O.18:00) Izakaya SAKAYA in Karakoro Hiroba 居酒屋 佐香や カラコロ広場店Located right in front of Karakoro Hiroba, enjoy seasonal fish and local sakes at reasonable prices.Closed: NeverHours: 17:00-MidnightB.E.F.C.KARAKORO SQUAREKARAKORO SQUAREKyohashi RiverKYOMISE SHOPPING AREAKARAKOROART STUDIOKARAKOROART STUDIOItamotoSakeItamotoSakeJapanese Tea CaféSCARAB BETTEIA.Izakaya SAKAYA in Karakoro HirobaSoba YUUZANMatsue CaféTSUKIGASEHeart-no-IshidatamiKarakoroDaikoku StatueDining CelloD.Izakaya KUMAKICHIHorikawa Boat DockGoogleMapカラコロ広場、京店商店街Vol.032019 SpringMAP p.14MAP p.1412

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