Kagura Masks (Iwami Kagura, Kobayashi Kobo)Oni Charms(Gungendo, Iwami Ginzan) Kagura is a traditional performance of music and dancing done to entertain the Shinto gods of Japan. Iwami Kagura, performed in western Shimane (Iwami region), uses gorgeous outfits and puts on a magnificent show, which is highly entertaining for the people as well. With deep roots in the land, the people are very enthusiastic about it. To make the masks, a clay mold is formed, then layers upon layers of local Sekishu washi paper are used. The clay mold is then broken, and the remaining paper mask is colored. The expressions are very detailed and intense. The actual masks used in kagura are called maimen, and maimen attached to a board are called kazari-men. Many households in the Iwami region have kazari-men as a kind of charm or decoration. Each mask has a different purpose: Ebisu is the god of fortune, the ogre is to ward against evil spirits, and Shoki is for peace and prosperity at home. Kobayashi Kobo also offers maimen in smaller varieties, making them perfect for the car or desks. There are also other interior items made of washi paper for the household or to give as gifts. In 2007, the Iwami Silver Mine was recognized as a World Heritage site. It is located in the Omori area, which has entire streets of samurai residences, old magistrate offices, and merchant houses from the Edo Era. You will feel like you traveled several centuries back in time to the old Japan. Gungendo can be found on the main street of the Omori area. The shop is a reformed merchant’s house built 170 years ago with tatami flooring, seasonal displays, and even a café where you can enjoy lunch and sweets using local ingredients while viewing the inner garden. Mimamori Oni, or guarding ogre, is an original Gugendo product designed after onis to fit in the palm of your hand, making them very cute. The ogres are handmade from the molding process to the coloring at a welfare studio in Goutsu City and comes in five colors: red, blue, yellow, green, and gray. The colors represent the five basic desires of humans. Whenever you feel unsettled, you can look at your guarding ogre and share your worries with it. This mini ogre can help quiet your mind and soul.SPECIAL GIFTODAe Joy of Authentic Kagura MasksGood Old-Fashioned ShopODASPECIAL GIFT*One per visitor per visit*For paying customers at SHIMATORI only*One person per visitGungendo, Iwami Ginzan住所:島根県大田市大森町ハ183Address: Ha-183 Omori Town, Oda City, Shimane Pref.Hours: 10:00-18:00 Closed: Wednesdays (open on holidays) *Year-end holidays & occasionally closedURL: lp/details/001147.phpManufacturer: Iwami Kagura-men, Kobayashi Kobo  住所:島根県大田市温泉津町小浜イ308-2Address: I-308-2 Kohama, Yunotsu Town,Oda City, Shimane Pref. Hours: 9:00-17:00 Closed: IrregularURL: is SHIMATORI?Details on p.13Available atSHIMATORI!PICKUP!The five products to the left are available at SHIMATORI (books, misc. goods & café) in Yonago City, Tottori until June 2019. Moreover, show this free paper to a staff member and get a special present! Take the time and stop by SHIMATORI!EnglishKobayashi Kobo (Oda City), SHIMATORI (Yonago City - p.11, 13)Available at:MAP p.14MAP p.14Original Shimatori-santin badge!Original Facial Soap(mini trial size)石見神楽面 小林工房群言堂 石見銀山本店Overseas Visitors w/ this Pamphletby skincare brand “MeDu”! Overseas Visitors w/ this PamphletVol.032018 Winter - 2019 Spring11

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