OYOGI-USHI GOKUJO CURRY(by Ichimonjiya)Genji-maki(Japanese Sweets: Sanshoudo Honten)Oyoide Umi wo Wataru Ushi (Swimming Cow)Ichimonjiya住所:島根県松江市平成町182-9Address: 182-9 Heiseicho, Matsue City, Shimane Pref.URL: SeaLife Co., Ltd.住所:島根県浜田市原井町907-2Address: 907-2 Harai Town, Hamada City, Shimane Pref.URL: Chiburijima of the Oki Islands can be found 60km away from the mainland of Shimane. With Chibu Village as the only village in the prefecture, it is a small island of about 13.03 km² in area. In 2013, the four main islands of Oki—Nishino, Nakano, Dogo, and Chiburi—were registered as a global geopark. There is a very unique custom on Chiburijima. Since the Edo Era, cattle herders have had cows swim to nearby islands in search of green pastures. These cows that swim across the sea are called “oyogi-ushi,” and are even mentioned in local poems. Oyogi-ushi beef is said to be soft and tender, unique to its variety. Oyogi-Ushi Gokujo Curry is a pouch curry that can be simply heated up, and the pouch maintains the highest quality, making it the perfect gift while being easy-to-carry. It uses 100% Shimane wagyu beef, acclaimed for its quality nationwide. The curry uses many local ingredients, such as salt from Oki, soy sauce from Okuizumo, sake from Gotsu, and locally grown vegetables; it has a bittersweet aftertaste. The town of Tsuwano in Shimane is often called the Little Kyoto of San’in. Sanshoudo has a history of 70 years making sweets in this elegant castle town. Here, you can purchase genji-maki, a famous and popular treat in Tsuwano. Genji-maki is made by toasting a thin layer of sponge cake resembling castella until it is golden brown, then filling it with a refined, sweet red bean paste. The name comes from the ancient full-length novel “The Tale of Genji” in Japanese literature. This genji-maki uses the finest adzuki beans from Hokkaido, and is made into a smooth paste that is not too sweet by Sanshoudo. Japanese flour is used for the outer layer, and the seasoned confectioners use a method steeped in tradition to make this sweet. With a fluffy and faintly sweet aroma, this sweet goes well with Japanese tea or coffee. The store also sells Hokkaido adzuki beans, sake, sake lees, green tea, and Tsuwano gelato, which uses Japanese black tea to give it a Japanese twist.OKIISLANDSTSUWANOLittle Kyoto in San’inA Taste of Tsuwano TraditionLegendary Oyogi-ushi Beefin Pouch CurryWonderful Canned FoodCanned Aji, Nodoguro & Karei (SeaLife Co., Ltd.) Aji (horse mackerel), nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch), and karei (flounder), freshly caught from the Hamada Port in Shimane, boiled, and canned. The seasonal fish are carefully selected at a factory near the port, and are canned without any additives, retaining the full flavor and nutrients of the fish. These three kinds of fish are usually prepared fresh for the best results, so it is not often found in canned form. SeaLife is the only company in Japan that has products with all three fish. These delicious fish are usually served as raw sashimi or dried, but these premium fish are now available in canned form across the country. The only seasoning used is a pinch of local salt. With such little flavoring, you can fully taste the fish as if came straight out of the rough Sea of Japan. As a canned good, it is perfect for travel and as gifts. It tastes great out of the can, but the bones are soft enough to eat, so you can mix into a pasta or melt it on some baguette slices with cheese among other assortments! Whether you have it as an appetizer or as a snack while drinking, let the Sea of Japan can bless your table and your tummy!HAMADAJapanese Sweets: Sanshoudo Honten住所:島根県鹿足郡津和野町森村ハ19-5Address: Ha-19-5 Morimura, Tsuwano Town, Kanoashi District, Shimane Pref.Hours: 8:00-18:00 Closed: NeverURL:*For illustrative purposes only.*Sample arrangementSPECIAL GIFT (With purchase of ¥500 or more)*One per customer per visitMatsue: Shimaneken Bussan Kankokan, JR Matsue Station Shop, Naniwa Issui in Matsue Shinjiko Onsen Yonago: SHIMATORI (p.11, 13)Available at:Available at:SeaLife Online Shop (, Hamada Station Shimin Salon (Hamada City), Super Kinuya Chain (Western Shimane; Hagi City, Yamaguchi), mr.kanso Hamada Branch, SHIMATORI (Yonago City - p.11, 13)MAP p.14↑Must reserve to purchase at the company. We recommend the stores to the right.↑This factory does not have a shop. Check the stores to the right.1 Original Coffee (Drip) Pack!およぎ牛極上カレー(合資会社 一文字家)和菓子処 三松堂 本店株式会社シーライフOverseas Visitors w/ this PamphletVol.032018 Winter - 2019 Spring10

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