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Chichi-sugi Cedar Tree of Iwakura (Okinoshima Town)

Mysterious Large Cedar Tree Where the Spirits of the Forest Seem to Live

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This is an old cedar tree about 800 years old that stands at the east foot of Mt. Daimanji – the highest peak in Okinoshima Town. This tree has a height of 30 m, a circumference of 16 m at the roots and branches out in 15 places from the middle of the trunk. You will find 24 giant stalactite-shaped breast roots about 10 m above ground. The longest of these has reached 2.6 m in length. The local people call this the “Chichi-sugi Tree (Breast Tree)” and hold a ceremony here as a sacred tree every year on April 23. The area around here is cool even in summer and there is a very mysterious atmosphere after the rain.

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Basic Information
Address Fuse, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane
Telephone Number 08512-2-0787 (Okinoshima Town Tourist Association)
Directions Approx. 60 minutes by car from Saigo Port
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