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津和野 殿町通り

Tsuwano Tonomachi Avenue

Symbol of Tsuwano: White Walls with Koi Carp Swimming in the Canal

The area around Tonomachi in the town of Tsuwano – the “little Kyoto” of San’in – is a place where you can still come across the oldest appearance of a castle town. This area brings together many historical sites. These include a Catholic church, Hanko Yorokan (Tsuwano Clan-run school), site of the county government and the front gate of the home to the Chief Retainer Tako of the Tsuwano Clan. Colorful koi carp swim in the canal, while white and purple Japanese irises bloom in profusion in the early summer here. This avenue leads to the approach road to Yasaka Shrine and Taikodani Inari Shrine. In addition, you will also find restaurants serving local cuisine, stylish cafes and souvenir shops on this avenue. This is a lead spot of the town of Tsuwano.

Basic Information
Address Ushiroda, Tsuwano-cho, Kanoashi-gun, Shimane
Telephone Number 0856-72-1771 (Tsuwano-cho Tourist Association)
Website http://tsuwano-kanko.net/sightseeing/look/殿町通り・多胡家老門/
Directions 10 minutes on foot from Tsuwano Station on the JR Yamaguchi Line
Approx. 60 minutes by car from Muikaichi IC on the Chugoku Expressway