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Matsue Castle (Horikawa Pleasure Boat and Samurai Residences)

Symbol of the Castle Town of Matsue: Also Called Chidori Castle

国宝・松江城 天守閣
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This castle was completed in 1611 by Horio Yoshiharu – the founder of Matsue. This is also called “Chidori Castle (Plover Castle)” in contrast to the name of “Shirasagi Castle (White Heron Castle)” for Himeji Castle. The castle is characterized by an unaffected and combat-ready structure in the Momoyama style. This is one of 12 castle towers still existing in Japan. This was listed as a national treasure in 2015. You can see out in all four directions to the streets of Matsue City and Lake Shinji from the top floor of the castle tower. Vestiges of the Edo period (1603 to 1868), such as samurai residences, remain in the area around Matsue Castle. You can take in the atmosphere of the castle town from a pleasure boat that goes around the moat.

Surrounding Facility Information

Basic Information
Address 1-5 Tono-machi, Matsue-shi, Shimane
Telephone Number 0852-21-4030
Business Hours Admission times: 08:30 to 18:30 (April to September) / 08:30 to 17:00 (October to March)
Price and Admission Adult: 560 yen / Child: 280 yen / Non-Japanese: 280 yen (Admission fee)
Directions Get off at Matsue-jo (Otemae) after 10 minutes on a Lake Line Bus from JR Matsue Station
Approx. 20 minutes on foot from Matsue Shinji-ko Onsen Station on the Ichibata Electric Railway
5 minutes by bus and 5 minutes on foot from Matsue Shinji-ko Onsen Station on the Ichibata Electric Railway
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