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Miho Shrine and Mihonoseki Lighthouse (National Park)

Land of Myth Enshrining the God of Fishing and Music

Miho Shrine is located at the eastern end of Shimane Peninsula. This is an ancient shrine that enshrines Mihotsuhime-no-Mikoto and Kotoshironushi-no-Kami – the wife and son of Okuninushi. Kotoshironushi-no-Kami is known to the world under the name of Ebisu and is faithfully worshipped as a god of maritime safety, large catches, business prosperity, and public music and dancing. Mihonoseki Lighthouse is located at the tip of the peninsula. There is a magnificent view of the Sea of Japan here. You can even see Okinoshima and Mt. Daisen on a sunny day. You will also find Lighthouse Buffet (a restaurant) adjacent.

Basic Information
Address 608 Mihonoseki, Mihonoseki-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane (Miho Shrine)
Telephone Number 0852-73-0506 (Miho Shrine)
Website http://www.mihojinja.or.jp/
Directions Approx. 40 minutes by Ichibata Bus (heading to Mihonoseki Terminal) from JR Matsue Station, approx. 30 minutes after transferring to Mihonoseki Community Bus on the Mihonoseki route at the last stop and then get off at Miho Jinja Iriguchi
Approx. 40 minutes by car from Kawatsu IC on the Matsue Dan-Dan Road