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Red Tile / White Wall Storehouses

Elegant Townscape of White Walls with Red Tiles

There are many buildings built in the Edo period (1603 to 1868) and the Meiji period (1868 to 1912) in the white wall storehouses lining the Tama River in the center of Kurayoshi City. This area was selected as a nationally important traditional architectures preservation district. The attractions here are a stone bridge over Tama River and an elegant townscape where you can see white mortar walls against red tiles. These white-walled storehouses and buildings were once used by sake brewers and soy sauce makers. However, they are now utilized in various forms such as shops, coffeehouses and galleries. This means you can take in their retro charms.
A Distant Neighborhood, the leading work of the Tottori Prefecture-born manga artist Jiro Taniguchi who is especially popular in Europe, is set in Kurayoshi and features nostalgic townscapes.

Basic Information
Address Area around Shinmachi 1-Chome, Higashinakamachi, Uomachi and Togiyamachi, Kurayoshi-shi, Tottori
Telephone Number 0858-22-1200 (Kurayoshi White Wall District Tourism Bureau)
Website http://www.apionet.or.jp/kankou/
Business Hours Differs by facility
Closed Days Differs by facility
Price and Admission Differs by facility
Directions Approx. 40 minutes by car from Yubara IC and Hiruzen IC on the Yonago Expressway
Get off at Akagawara/Shirakabe Dozo after taking a bus from JR Kurayoshi Station for approx. 12 minutes and it is then approx. 5 minutes on foot