• Popular Hot Springs in Shimane and Tottori (San'in)

    Popular Hot Springs in Shimane and Tottori, Japan

    Hot springs in Shimane and Tottori have long been loved by people in Japan. This region attracts many visitors for its hot springs, fresh crab, and Kagura (Shinto theatrical dance).  The famous Tamatsukuri Hot Spring was voted the best hot spring in Japan according to the “Hot Spring Vote 2016”.  Women particularly enjoy hot springs that help make their skins smooth and beautiful.  Let’s relax and enjoy hot spring heaven in San’in. Hot Springs for Beauty and Beautiful Skin [Shimane] Tamatsukuri Hot Spring Chosen as best in Japan according to the “Hot Spring Vote 2016” for its excellent hot spring water quality and medical effects, this hot spring is also…
  • snow crab

    Let’s eat the king of taste in winter – snow crab!

    One of San’in’s best known winter cuisines, Snow Crab You cannot talk about San’in’s winter feasts without Matsuba Crab! “Matsuba Crab”, the adult male snow crab, is filled with meat which gives an elegant flavor. Enjoy the chewy texture, either  by boiling or grilling. The number of catches of crabs at Tottori’s famous fishing ports including Sakai Fishing Port accounts for 45 percent of the nation’s total crab catch, which makes Tottori one of Japan’s major production areas of crabs. Since the fishing grounds are close, crabs can be brought back to the ports alive. That’s why you can taste fresh and tasty Matsuba Crab.   How to enjoy tasty…
  • Michelin Travel Guide Sanin

    Michelin travel green guide for San’in region

    Michelin travel green guide for San’in region is now available on website! For more information, please visit Michelin travel green guide use a three-star system for recommending sights ranging from “worth a trip” to “worth a detour”, and “interesting”. This year, there are New Sites in Shimane and Tottori Added to Michelin Green Guide. 24 new sites have been added in this web edition, making 63 sites in total across San’in region listed in MICHELIN GREEN GUIDE JAPON! San’in Michelin travel green guide 3 stars: The Garden of Adachi Museum of Art 2 stars: Mitokusan Nageiredo, Tottori sand dunes, Oki Kuniga Coast & Matengai Cliffs, Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, Yuushien Garden,…
  • Visit San′in Tourist Pass– Discover More Of San′in

    Visit San′in Tourist Pass is a special smart phone application ticket that offers San′in tourism information and admissions to 32 facilities  for the duration that it is valid.  The Pass that lets you discover more for less.  Admissions to facilities and discounts in restaurants, shops, leisure activities.   Everything is easier with Visit San′in Tourist Pass, the best way to visit, taste and enjoy the San′in .   For more information, please visit Please Install Sanin Pass Easy to install   Search Sanin Pass and donwload.   Choose your language and enter your information   Enter the Visit San′in Tourist Pass    It′s very convenient to serach for the facilities information and walking map  without Wi-Fi. You can use…
  • ~Good news~Special Price Bus from Osaka to Tottori city

    Only for foreign tourists! Osaka ⇆ Tottori 1000-yen Bus Ticket Special price bus will begin with 2017,June 1 to 2018,March,31. For more information:  Tottori 🚌   Namba  OCAT Osaka  ⇆     Tottori station bus terminal   Price:   1000-yen      (kid: 500-yen 6years~11years . Under 6 years Free) 🎫  You can buy the ticket :  KIX airport Terminal 1 Information Center                                                    Namba  OCAT Osaka                                                    Tottori Station Bus Terminal Please show your passort (Visa type is short-term visit, period is under 90 days) If you want to konw more about Tottori, please link YOUTUBE