Privacy Policy

This website is managed so that everyone can use it with peace of mind. We achieve this by appropriately collecting, using and managing the personal information provided through this website.

  1. Definition of Personal Information

    Personal information refers to the information that can identify a specific individual (e.g. a name or e-mail address) provided through this website.

  2. Collection of Personal Information

    In principle, when we collect personal information through this website, this information shall be provided (registered) at the will of the user himself/herself. When collecting personal information, we shall clearly specify the purpose as to why we are collecting that information. Moreover, we shall not use that information for any other purpose. We shall collect personal information in the scope necessary in order to achieve the specified purpose.

  3. Limit on Using Personal Information

    The personal information provided (registered) from those who use this website shall be used within the scope of the purpose of collecting that information specified in advance.

  4. Management of Personal Information

    Those responsible for running this website shall strictly manage personal information collected through this website. Furthermore, they shall take appropriate measures to prevent leaks, misappropriation, tampering and similar.

  5. SSL Encrypted Communications

    This website shall perform SSL encrypted communications to protect personal information.