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Discover Unique Experience in Tottori

Tottori: You Will Find the Unknown Japan Here

Tottori is the place to come to enjoy a Japan you have never encountered before: the Tottori Sand Dunes and Uradome Coast, which are found in a UNESCO Global Geopark; Mitokusan Sanbutsu Temple Nageire Hall, which is the most dangerous national treasure to see in Japan and listed as Japanese heritage; the similarly listed Japanese heritage of Mt. Daisen where you can enjoy skiing, cycling and the fall leaves; and manga content such as GeGeGe no Kitaro, which is one of the best known mangas in Japan, and Detective Conan, which is also loved as an anime show.

Tottori Prefecture is a place where you can have fun in various ways throughout the whole year. You can go mountain biking on the Tottori Sand Dunes – called the best sand dunes in Japan – and encounter the snow while cross-country skiing or exploring snowy mountains in snow shoes. Why don’t you refresh yourself with a leather craft experience or bamboo charcoal kiln thermal experience, or try another experience distinctive to Tottori Prefecture like eating seafood such as crab? You will have a truly memorable trip if you enjoy such experiences in the scenic nature here.

Mountain Biking on the Tottori Sand Dunes Cycling shallot fields and coast road (120mins) Refreshing Bamboo Charcoal Kiln Thermal Experience

Discover Unique Experience in Tottori Map