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Photogenic San'in

Please enjoy the beautiful and photogenic scenery of San’in throughout the all four seasons.
Photos are taken by Mr. Takashi Karaki and Mr.KWAN, a photographer based in San’in-area.




Born in December 1973, Kwan currently resides in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. After being an avid jet skier for many years, Kwan entered the world of photography by selling off his jet ski and purchasing a Nikon D90 and lens in 2011. As there weren’t many experts around at the time who could provide advice on digital single-lens reflex cameras, Kwan turned to the information-abundant internet which helped him acquire his photographic skills. His unique techniques may be attributed to this self-learning, trial and error method. More recently, Kwan has been focusing on landscape photography using drones. He spends most of his weekends shooting pictures and being enraptured by the stunning aerial views never seen before.

Photo Book “Fascinating San’in”

A great gift of breathtaking beauty for all those who know or are yet to discover San’in!