Photogenic San’in, Japan

Please enjoy the beautiful and photogenic scenery of San’in throughout the all four seasons.
Photos are taken by Mr. Takashi Karaki and Mr.KWAN, a photographer based in San’in-area.



Born in Yao City, Osaka, in 1969, Karaki began his career as a sports instructor. He then entered an editing firm, specializing in local information and gourmet magazines, where he worked for 10 years. Like many other I-Turn city dwellers, Karaki then made the decision to leave the city life and start a new chapter in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture. In Yonago, Karaki joined JAPRO Inc., a web design firm. Through his work there, he became increasingly interested in tourism promotion, actively involved in “NPO Daisen Kingdom” activities and eventually became a strong “Community Revitalization” promoter. Karaki has been an executive committee chair of Japan’s largest local hamburger event, “Tottori Burger Festa,” which promotes Tottori through food.

Karaki is also a representative of “San’in sacca” run by artists and creators aiming at a better community building in a mountainous area utilizing closed elementary school buildings. After moving to San’in Region, Karaki seriously embarked on landscape photography and his work has been shown on websites. Karaki reveals the hidden beauty of San’in by taking pictures at dawn, sunset and late at night. This is gaining much attention and Karaki’s work is widely used for local government’s posters, websites, and tourism materials. Karaki’s motto is “Loving the Region” and the biggest achievement he values is the “connection with the people”. Note: Karaki’s photography can also be seen on Japan National Tourism Organization’s 2018 calendar.



Born in December 1973, Kwan currently resides in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. After being an avid jet skier for many years, Kwan entered the world of photography by selling off his jet ski and purchasing a Nikon D90 and lens in 2011. As there weren’t many experts around at the time who could provide advice on digital single-lens reflex cameras, Kwan turned to the information-abundant internet which helped him acquire his photographic skills. His unique techniques may be attributed to this self-learning, trial and error method. More recently, Kwan has been focusing on landscape photography using drones. He spends most of his weekends shooting pictures and being enraptured by the stunning aerial views never seen before.

Photo Book “Fascinating San’in”

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