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About the San’in Tourism Organization

Organization overview

(16 groups)

*Economic groups
Chugoku Economic Federation, THE SAN-IN GODO BANK, LTD., The Tottori Bank, Ltd.

*Transportation business operators
West Japan Railway Company, ANA HOLDINGS INC., Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

*Travel companies
JTB CHUGOKU SHIKOKU Corp., Kinki Nippon Tourist Chugoku-Shikoku Co., Ltd., NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY CO., LTD., Nokyo Tourist Corporation

*Local tourism associations
Tottori Business Association of Inn and Hotel for Living and Health, Shimane Business Association of Inn and Hotel for Living and Health, Tottori Tourism Association, Shimane Tourism Association

*Local governments
Tottori Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture


1. President
Name: Hiromi Tagawa
Chairman of JTB Corp., Chairman of the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)

2. Representative director (full-time)
Name: Yoshiro Fukui

3. Advisers
The governor of Tottori Prefecture Shinji Hirai
The governor of Shimane Prefecture Zenbei Mizoguchi

Administration office framework

The administration office is composed of 12 members including the full-time representative director, 10 dispatched workers and one temporary employee.

Members have been dispatched from:
Chugoku Economic Federation, THE SAN-IN GODO BANK, LTD., The Tottori Bank, Ltd., West Japan Railway Company, JTB CHUGOKU SHIKOKU Corp., and NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY CO., LTD., Tottori Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture (two members of staff from each prefecture (chief directors and other personnel))

Business overview

Building the “San'in Brand”
  • We are building the concept of a global San’in brand by working together to raise awareness of the area.
  • Our goal is to become a one-stop contact point for international travel agencies and the media.

*We wish to be the one point of contact for international business operators to promote their services and goods internationally, conduct interviews, and provide information.

Formulation of inbound plans

We conduct marketing based on objective data derived from trend surveys of international tourists and analyses of the present situation in the overseas market. We then formulate inbound plans that are agreed upon by all related parties.

<Main target areas>
Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand (Southeast Asia), Europe and North America

Overseas promotion

We conduct overseas public relations with promotions, such as invitations extended to international travel companies and the media, participation in international tourism exhibitions, and broadcasts intended for foreign television or webpages.

Preparing hosting environment

We contribute to local human resource development by running workshops and training local San’in certified tour guides.