Michelin travel green guide for San’in region


December 19, 2017

Michelin Travel Guide Sanin

Michelin travel green guide for San’in region is now available on website!

For more information, please visit https://travelguide.michelin.com/asia/japan/sanin

Michelin travel green guide use a three-star system for recommending sights ranging from “worth a trip” to “worth a detour”, and “interesting”. This year, there are New Sites in Shimane and Tottori Added to Michelin Green Guide. 24 new sites have been added in this web edition, making 63 sites in total across San’in region listed in MICHELIN GREEN GUIDE JAPON!

San’in Michelin travel green guide
3 stars: The Garden of Adachi Museum of Art
2 stars: Mitokusan Nageiredo, Tottori sand dunes, Oki Kuniga Coast & Matengai Cliffs, Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, Yuushien Garden, Adachi Museum of Art.
1 star: 18 sites.

Welcome and enjoy discovering more about San’in region!