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Tamatsukuri Hot Spring chosen as best in Japan in Hot Spring Vote 2016!


December 26, 2016

Tamatsukuri Hot Spring

“Hot Spring Vote 2016!” was held on Nov. 25 for the first time. “Tamatsukuri Hot Spring” (at Matsue city, Shimane) was awarded honorable “Minister of the Environment Prize”!
We are really happy that it won the first prize at “beautiful skin category” as well.

Tamatsukuri Hot Spring

In “Nippon Beautiful Skin Prefecture Grand Prix” held by POLA every year, Shimane won the first prize four years in a row. Shimane has many hot springs that are known for the water making your skin smooth and making you beautiful. For women who want to get beautiful skin, Shimane is a must-visit destination.

Tamatsukuri Hot Spring

Get smooth skin by visiting Tamatsukuri Hot Spring!

[Tamatsukuri Hot Spring Website]

[Hot Spring Vote 2016!] (*Only available in Japanese)

[Won the Beautiful Skin Prefecture four years in a row] (*Only available in Japanese)

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