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Happy New Year~~Moo

My first new year in Sanin


Our family had moved to Sanin for more than 10 years, however this year we decided to spend our new year here! Here are some of the things to share
with you! Those on the top are the traditional New Year decorations in Japan, the soba noodle for new year eve, and the last one is actually some non alcohol fermented rice drink for kids, even adults love them too!

Boat ride
We went for a boat ride around the famous Matsue castle, we were lucky to sit in a boat with heater under the table called こたつ 。

Here is the lucky draw, the lucky guy in the picture , got one of the gold bar behind him!


Hot hot hot spring in Tottori is really great!

The half boiled eggs at one of the hot spring near the lake.

The eggs kept our hands and hearts warm in the cold cold winter!

Just soak our legs there for 30 minutes , the half boiled egg will be done!
Beware! The water temperature is 43C or more! So don’t boiled your feet at the same time!!


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