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Sakaiminato Fishing Port


December 06, 2017

Last month, I took a tour of Sakaiminato Fishing Port. After that, our group went to a fish market located next to it. Its name is 境港水産物直売センター/Sakaiminato Suisanbutsu Chokubai Center. Inside of the facility, a dozen of fish shops sell fresh seafood right off the boats. There is also a popular seafood restaurant, 海陽亭/ Kaiyo-tei inside, and we enjoyed a lunch there.

A big net filled with fish is being raised from a boat.


The fish are being unloaded into a bif container.


Hamachi Young yellow tails    

When grouwn up, the fish is called “uri” The variety of fish is one of the fishes called “Shusseuo”. The term means fishes that are called by differents names depending on their growth stage from alevin to an adult fish, like succeeding in life. Shusseuo is also considered auspicious as well as Tai sea Breams.


Naturally Grown Tai Sea Breams

In Japan, sea breams is considered as the king of fish. We call it “Tai”. The word asupicious is “made-tai” in Japanese. Tai is included in made-tai. So we eat the fish at auspicious occasions. I was so impressed by the beautiful sea breams.


Matsuba Snow Crabs

Sakaiminato Port is the country`s largest landing port for crabs. One of the major varieties of crab the port lands is the Mastuba Snow Crab. Snow crabs are the king of winter delicacies from the Sea of Japan. Matsuba crab is the local name for snow crab. Expensive ones cost a few hundred USD. Fishing ban is lifted from early November to mid-march.


The fish market right next to the Sakaiminato Fishing port.


Red Snow Crabs

The red snow crab is another major vairety of crab Sakaiminato port lands.

The crabs are much cheaper than Matsuba crabs. But very delicious, too!


Kani Donburi

A bowl of rice topped with plenty of crab meat at restaurant Kaiyo-tei located inside the fish market. It costs about 20 USD.


Plates of Sushi with very very fresh toppings cost about 10USD each


Special Seafood Donburi at Kaiyo-tei restaurant inside the fish market.

This is a bowl of rice topped with various fresh seafood. It`s about 20 USD.


Seachiyo Kusuda


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