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Autumn is calling from Daisen


November 06, 2017



This autumn, my son and I had signed up a trekking tour. It was organized by the District Forest Office.

The weather was really fine, the temperature was about 20C. Our guide on that day had taught us a lot about the the flora and fauna, and for the first time, I learned about the seed of the typical tree in Daisen, called the beech tree. Mount Daisen (大山) Daisen is a volcanic mountain , It has a elevation of 1,729 metres.

In Daisen, we could see the red and yellow maple leaves while overviewing the Japan Sea at fall, not only that, if you are thinking of taking a break from the tropical heat, here is a place for you.

We have 3 ski resorts here which usually opened for public from January to March, so why hesitating?

Just pack your bag and let’s have fun with. ski and enjoy the crab cuisine in winter!

~~~~~~Moo Moo


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