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River climbing in Iinan-cho

River climbing  is a Japanese-style water play and now popular in Hong kong and Taiwan.

Iinan-cho will begin the river climbing tour next year. Free climb up waterfalls, swim against currents in the clear cool waters of a tropical river.

Surrounded by incredible nature in a remote valley makes this action adventure tour an unforgettable experience.

Let`s go river clmbing together!

Before the River climbing, please change your cloth, there are special clothes you can get reservation in Innan tourism association.

The instructor Harada Toshiyuki-san  working in Innan tourism association was very informative and helpful and I loved his smile very much.


After warm-up, Let`s start! Every one was so excited.


Even in October, you can not feel so cold in water.It is the best way to go river climbing in summer.

Enjoy  walking in the blue clear water with  beautiful scenery in Innan-cho.

This was the first time I’ve ever done River climbing ,we jumped into the river, climbed the rock, walked in the water, and it was  so much fun!

The only part of the day that was actually scared was cliff jumping, however don`t worry, the  instructor will help you, even you can not jump.


How to book:

Please contact the Innan tourism association 

Harada Toshiyuki

TEL: 0854-76-9050





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