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Won’t you come and camp with me in Sanin


It is really hot and humid in Japan during summer, however it is during this period of the year, Japanese get most holidays in the year, especially for the kids, they have long school holidays for about a month,  so parents got to get ready for how to utilise their holiday meaningfully! 



As for my family, we go camping all year round , especially with the good nature, scenery, seas, rivers , mountains, lakes in Shimane and Tottori prefecture, you will tend to leave the kids in the outdoor, chasing butterflies, playing hide and seek with the grasshoppers, catching the fish and shrimps in the river, fishing the river salmon is another good choice as well in the summer?


This year we took the challenge to  join the adventure activities in one of the camp site in Shimane,  they needed some effort to overcome their fear of height, hanging up in between the trees has became my new favourite game, we wish to return there one day, and hope you will join us as well!~~


San`in Tourism Internatioal  Supporters  Mei Lian

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