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Let’s talk more about Sanin!—from Moo


September 04, 2017

Let’s talk more about Sanin!

Dear friends, if you like Sanin, here is some information for you!


Basically we talked about Sanin, my practical English School called Moo Moo English and last but not least, about myself!

Give it a try, you might find out more about the beauty of Sanin , Yonago, and how about more about me, hahaha!

So, don’t miss out, you have some more chances from now on!

if you know Japanese language or learning Japanese language now, it will be a challenge for you to understand my Japanese.

See you on air!


Don’t have a radio? Not a problem anymore!

apple ( android (!


From 山陰国際観光サポーター Moo


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