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Welcome to Oki–from Moo


September 03, 2017

Where is Oki?

I invite you to discover this beautiful islands, located in the Sea of Japan, which is two and a half hour by ferry from the place I stay, Yonago.

Of course, you may have another good option, which is to fly to the island from Osaka.


Me and my family finally got the opportunity to visit one of the big island in Oki, it is called the Nishinoshima during last summer holiday!


These are some of the spectacular sights to see in the geopark. We joined both sightseeing tour by bus and boat, it brought us from coast to coast, stopping at the 4 must-see destination on the island, we truly experience the power of nature, and the greatness of its creator, off and on, we could even see horses on the pasture!


There are lots to do on the island, like marine sports, snorkeling, making your own abalone jewelry and many other kinds of crafts with seashells, sunset kayaking, hiking and cycling would be another great way to soak yourself thoroughly in the peaceful countryside, overlooking the sea, eroded sea cliffs and spectacular coastline.


If you are planning for you trip now or next time, please do not miss out Oki Island Geopark in your list! See you all in Japan.


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