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Sugaya Tatara Sannai Village

Sugaya Tatara Sannai Village is located in Yoshidacho, Unnan-shi, Shimane-ken and it is the only remaining ironworks from premodern Japan

Izumo Region is the only place in the world where the flame of the tatara, a traditional iron-smelting furnace.

Today, the Izumo Region continues its tradition of iron making, a story begun by its predecessors 1000 years ago.

History of the Tatara, please visit  Progress of Tatara Iron Making



A katsura tree stands by the workshop for ironmaking.

The tree is approximately 200 years old, and called `Sacred Tree` for ironmaking.

The Katsura tree is regarded as protecting the tataraba because ‘Kanayago God’ or the god of Tatara ironmaking is believed to have landed on the Katsura tree with a egret.


Sugaya Tatara Sannai has sites of Tatara ironmaking.

The interior of the takadono has the furnace, and on each side is a pair of tenbin-fuigo, or balanced foot bellows, which once supplied the furnace with air.


The small town in Sugaya Tatara Sannai area


For more information, please visit  菅谷たたら山内




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