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[Iinan Town, Shimane Prefecture] Traditional and stylish rural town


June 06, 2017

Iinan is a cozy little town just off the Onomichi-Matsue Expressway, approx. 1 and a half hours from Hiroshima, Izumo and Matsue.

There are plenty of things to see, taste and experience!!


✈Yonago International airport ↔ Iinan town    🚙 about 1 and a half hours

✈Hiroshima International airport↔ Iinan town     🚙 about 1 and a half hours  


More information please visit      Iinan Town  English guide book.


Michi-no-Eki (Roadside rest area Tonbara)


In Michi-no-eki, you can not only take a rest with delicious icecream, but also you can find a lot of excellent Iinan specialties.

In rest house Yamanami, it offers economical and practical overnight  accommodations.



O-shimenawa Sosakukan  (Large sacred straw rope museum)

Did you know that the large straw rope at Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine is made in Iinan town? You can see and experience the traditional craft that has passed down for generations. A small Shimenawa ornament can be made within 30 min. Let’s have a try!



Tonbara Ramune Ginsen Spa 

A rare therapeutic spa featuring both the properties of a carbon dioxide spring and a sodium bicarbonate saline spring. The colorfully tiled baths are so kawaii (cute)!



Kotobiki Village Mountain Villa and Forest park 

This villa is located against the vast backdrop of nature rich with greenery, right in front of Kotobuki Forest Park Ski resort, which is popular among beginners and families. In summer, many tourists enjoy camping at camping sites and cabins outside. Delicious lunch with a lot of local ingredients and Komyo natural rock spa effective for neuralgia and fatigue are also very popular.




Mori-no-Hotel Morinosu 



A super stylish hotel in the middle of the vast forest park. The lounge is equipped with Southeastern furniture including many comfortable couches. Isn’t it amazing to relax on a sofa over a glass of wine while enjoying viewing beautiful greenery outside?

The room is comfortable and clean

Other features are a grill-style dinner with local ingredients such as Wagyu beef, fresh vegetables and mushrooms, relaxing time outside under the star-filled sky, and of cause, a super nice smile of the owner!



Forest Therapy ® 

In the Iinan Town Furusato-no-Mori forest, the Forest Therapy Road where anyone can enjoy casual walks was developed. Walking with an experienced guide with full of hospitality, you can forget any and all bad and tiresome things and experience the forest through all the five physical senses!



Café and Handmade Goods Stitch 

At a restaurant surrounded by greenery, a weekly lunch special with a lot of carefully hand-made food is served on a plate. On a lovely day, a table outside on the terrace is recommended. Many cute and reasonable goods made by craftspeople in Shimane Prefecture are also offered.



Rental Cycling

To leisurely going around the town, you would like to go for cycling.

Renting a bike for a day costs only 1,000 yen! You feel refreshed cycling downhill where you hardly see any cars.



Special Thanks to  Iinan Tourism Association and English Licensed guide Kitaoka-san











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