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Beautiful Peony flowers festival~Let’s go to the Yuushien~


April 06, 2017

Yuushien(由志園)located at daikonshima island is Japanese style garden filled with beautiful blooming peony flowers, where you can enjoy the flowers thoughout the year.

Peony flowers festival is held every spring, and this year begin with 8th, April. There are a variety of beautiful peony flowers. Also rare species of peony flowers will be showed at the same time.


You can enjoy the beautiful blooming peony flower  in peony house thoughout the year. 


Peony flowers were in full bloom last year.



Red peony flowers were in full bloom last year.



Yuushien is designed as a traditonal Japanese garden.


2017 peony festival : 8th, April~ 7th,May

For more information: Yuushien


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