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Mystery sansai cuisine ~Let’s go to the Mitaki-en~


April 04, 2017

Mitaki-en (みたき園) surrounded by forest is located at Chizu cho,Tottori  prefecture where you can enjoy delicious cuisine with the nature scenery. It’s an amazing experience to enjoy the seasonal Sansai (plants growing wild in fields and mountains) cuisine  in old japanese style house.

Quiet and comfortable place that makes you quickly wash away all your stresses.

They use a variety of seasonal  local ingredients  depending on the four seasons. 

Also you can enjoy the fresh grilled fish that catched  in the local river.


Address: 707  Ashizu,Chizu cho,Yazu-gun,Tottori-ken



Business time: April ~ November 10:00~17:00

For more informations:  智頭町観光協会        みたき園(facebook)

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