San'in Tour Guide-Interpreter

槻谷 敦文Atsuhumi Tsukitani

Atsuhumi Tsukitani

“San-in District” literally means the hinter area of Japan; however, this also means that you can encounter Japan good old days in here with its scenery, legend and hospitality. If you are a seasoned traveler, don’t you think urban areas are not infrequently same and boring wherever you may visit, do you? Already enough of top-noted but crowded spots in Kyoto or Nara?
San-in is the best place for such experienced tourists or for those seeking simple kindness of local people. Taking advantage of my working career in a history museum and a fine art museum, I will satisfyingly guide you through this area full of excitements with their fantastic episodes including local myths. Waiting for you with me are one of the highest mountains in western Japan, worldly awarded Japanese style garden in the premises of a tranquil museum, national- treasure castle, the Grand Shrine of Izumo and so forth.
Nationally licensed. A lot of bus tour guide experiments.
If you are interested, please contact me via e-mail for details.

Language English
Guide Area 4. Daisen and Hoki Area、5. Sakaiminato and Mihonoseki Area、6. Matsue and Yasugi Area、7. Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine Area
Standard Guide Fee 3000 yen / hour plus transportation and sundry expenses
Terms of Payment Pay in cash only when tours completed
Unavailable Days/Periods Tours not requiring guide’s hotel stay only are OK

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