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三村 政子Masako MIMURA

Masako Mimura

National certificated interpreter guide. EIKEN Grade 1.
I stayed in the US from ’03 to ‘06. During the stay, I had a lot of opportunities to associate with people coming from various countries in the world. I experienced many types of English they used at that time.
In addition to guiding sightseeing spots, I will take care of any concerns guests will encounter during their stay in Japan.
As a national interpreter guide, I had many experiences with guiding both families and large groups on bus. This San-in is a mythological region. It has myriads of deities (gods). Stories about deities are abundant. I always entertain my guests with the stories. Why won’t you enjoy my storytelling in this San-in region?

Language English
Area 4. Daisen and Hoki Area, 5. Sakaiminato and Mihonoseki Area, 6. Matsue and Yasugi Area, 7. Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine Area, 8. Hino, Nichinan and Okuizumo-cho Area, 9. Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Area, 10. Iwami Area, 11. Hagi and Tsuwano Area, 12. Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Area
Standard Guide Fee Group: 4,000 yen / hour (FIT: 3,500 yen / hour) plus transportation and sundry expenses
Terms of Payment Cash or fund transfer to my bank account
Unavailable Days/Periods Any time is OK. Please contact me via E-mail.

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