San'in Tour Guide-Interpreter

永田 克己Katsumi Nagata

Katsumi Nagata

I have a national interpreter guide license.
I will guide you to many attractive sightseeing spots in the San-in region in a polite and straightforward way.
I will try to guide you in such a way that you can feel aspects of Japanese lifestyle as well as the culture, history and nature of Japan.
I also like traveling, and I always make a point of communicating with the guides and local people.
I've been a volunteer guide for about 20 years now mainly at Matsue castle, which is a national treasure.
An appealing aspect of guiding and traveling for me is that we can promote mutual understanding through communication on various topics.
Have fun!  

Language English
Guide Area 4. Daisen and Hoki Area、5. Sakaiminato and Mihonoseki Area、6. Matsue and Yasugi Area、7. Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine Area、8. Hino, Nichinan and Okuizumo-cho Area、9. Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Area
Standard Guide Fee Individual(Number of people/1~10)  12,000 yen (first 4 hours) 3,000 yen per hour (over 4 hours)
group(Number of people/11~)    14,000 yen (first 4 hours) 3,500 yen per hour (over 4 hours)
Please contact me for more details.

Terms of Payment cash or transfer to bank acount

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