San’in Wedding: Providing Happiness

San’in Wedding: Providing Happiness

Find Matrimonial Harmony and Joy in a Sacred Place for Marriage

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine is attracting attention as a leading spot in Japan for relationships and as a head shrine for marriage that enshrines Okuninushi who is famous as the god of marriage. You will find places that bring happiness and scenic spots perfect for wedding photos that give shape to the love of couples here in this sacred place for marriage. We will introduce you to a number of recommended spots for San'in weddings here.

Wedding photos that give shape to the love of you as a couple in the best locations

You will find the majestic Sea of Japan to the north and the scenic Lake Shinji spreading out in the center. The San’in area is packed with dramatic spots perfect for photos. These include the Tottori Sand Dunes, the largest of their kind in Japan, and Oki, where you can still find the appearance of great nature. Why don’t you take a photo tour to capture the essence of you as a couple in commemorative photos while immersing yourself in the extraordinary? There are many locations offering outfit rental and photographers who will go out on location on the Route Romantique San’in.

Tottori Sand Dunes

The Tottori Sand Dunes formed beautifully by chance after piling up little by little over many years. These are the largest sand dunes in Japan spreading out 2.4 km north to south and 16 km east to west. The scale of these sand dunes is magnificent with a difference in elevation of up to 90 m. The fumon (patterns drawn on the surface of the sand by the wind) and the various appearances of the sand dunes that can be seen depending on the season or time are truly mysterious. The contrast with the blue sky and ocean is wonderful. Your white wedding dress will reflect beautifully against the landscape like a painting. You can enjoy activities unique to these vast sandy hills (e.g. spending your time in a relaxed manner while riding on a camel or going paragliding and sandboarding) after the wedding.


Rosoku (Candle) Island (Okinoshima Town)

This evening landscape is just like a flame lit on a wedding candle. This is a scene on a small island found to the northwest of Okinoshima Town. The setting sun overlaps with the tip of this candle-shaped rock that has a height of 20 m. At that moment, the island shines as though a giant candle has been lit. You as the bride and groom will also be moved to tears in this moment of a romantic and inspirational miracle that can only be seen from on board a ship on a clear day with calm waves.



Hinomisaki is a cape about 20 minutes by bus from Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine. This is an area connected with Izumo mythology. Hinomisaki Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in the East Asia region, is located at the tip of this cape. The contrast between the white walled lighthouse and the blue sky is splendid. The wonderful sunset spreads out all over as though swallowing everything up at once when evening arrives. This is the perfect opportunity to take a photo. The coast in the area around Hinomisaki is a picturesque spot rich in variety. For example, there is a unique rock (columnar joint) that has been cracked into a hexagonal prism shape and there are also about 70 caves here.



The area around Jinpukaku has been developed as Kyusho Park. This is famous as a place to see cherry blossoms in spring and red leaves in fall. Jinpukaku is a chalk wooden-structure tile-roofing two-story building based on the French Renaissance style. The elegance of this appearance and the beauty of the Japanese garden go well together. This has led to the building being listed as an important cultural property of Japan. The contrast between the chalk Western-style building and the nature in the surrounding area acts in harmony like a painting. This goes great with both Japanese-style and Western-style clothing to compliment you as the bride and groom. The spiral staircase set up at the back of Jinpukaku is an example of true craftsmanship. This staircase has no pillars; it is supported by thick boards (bridgeboards) sculpted from hard Japanese zelkova trees. This curved beauty with a height of 4 m is truly a work of art.


More locations


Pray for matrimonial harmony and everlasting joy for you as a couple

There are many shrines to pray for matrimonial harmony and spots to deepen the bond of you as a couple on the Route Romantique San’in. Why don’t you enjoy a tour of these spots after your wedding ?

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine

The god of Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine is a kind and healing god who taught a rabbit attacked by a shark how to heal his injuries in the Hare of Inaba myth. It is said that this god connects relationships to give happiness to everything in addition to love. Why don’t you as the bride and groom tell this god of relationships about your encounter, your connection and your feelings of gratitude? This will surely not just connect you as man and woman but also connect you to children, work, money and more. We recommend this shrine as a stopover destination after your wedding so that your future as husband and wife remains forever happy.


Yaegaki Shrine

It is said that these extremely harmonious camellia trees with two roots underground and one trunk above ground combined together that grow in the entrance and grounds of Yaegaki Shrine are why this place is seen as giving divine favor to marriage. These married couple camellia trees are regarded as a symbol of two hearts beating as one and of love. It is even possible to feel a mysterious aura from the appearance of these trees in which their trunks snuggle up closely. You should also check out the popular goods for a great marriage after visiting this shrine. Why don’t you buy your preferred charm, such as a thread of marriage that you can sew onto your clothes to pray for a great marriage, a pair of two married couple charms with the motif of the married couple camellia trees or a charm for childbirth?


Hinomisaki Shrine

This is a brilliant vermillion painted shrine located on a cape about 20 minutes by bus from Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine. You will find the scenic Hinomisaki Lighthouse located nearby. The contrast between the blue of the Sea of Japan, the green of the pine forest and the vermillion painted shrine on a sunny day is beautiful. We recommend this as a stopover destination on a drive.


Marriage Bell on Hakucho II

A dotaku (bell-shaped bronze ware) used in a ritual to summon the ancient gods has been installed on the Hakucho II Lake Shinji pleasure boat. It is said that this dotaku was used in a ritual to summon the gods a long time ago. This dotaku is popular among couples and spouses as a marriage bell. You may also receive various blessings by striking this dotaku in the hometown of the gods that is Izumo while feeling the breeze of Lake Shinji.



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