We answer your questions about traveling in the San’in area on this page.

Can I exchange my Japan Rail Pass at Yonago Kitaro Airport?
No. Please see http://www.japanrailpass.net/ for detailed sales locations.
Can I change my money in the San’in area?
There are few places where you can change your money. Therefore, it is best if you change your money before arrival. There are locations with ATMs that can handle overseas credit cards at the airport. However, these locations may close before the arrival of the last flight.
Are there shuttle buses from Yonago Kitaro Airport?
There are shuttle buses heading to Tottori/Kurayoshi, Yonago and Matsue.
How can I get to San’in from overseas?
You can reach San’in by bus or train from Kansai, Okayama and Hiroshima Airport.
Are there hot springs?
There are numerous hot springs. These include Hawaii Hot Spring, Misasa Hot Spring, Kaike Hot Spring and Tamatsukuri Hot Spring. There are also many ryokans (inns) and hotels where you can use hot springs on tours from overseas.
Which is the best season to visit? Can you tell me about the climate in San’in? Is there snow?
San’in is an area where you can enjoy sightseeing all year round. However, this area is surrounded by the sea and mountains. This means that there can be a large difference between the hottest and coldest temperatures even in the same day. It is best if you wear clothes that allow you to regulate your body temperature. Snow also falls in the mountainous areas in winter. Weather in Tottori » Weather in Shimane »
What food do you recommend?
The San’in area is arguably the best place in Japan for delicious seafood. We especially recommend crab in winter, oyster in summer and delicious nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch) all year round. Details »
Can I rent a car? Will the car navigation system be in English?
The San’in area is on par with Hokkaido in terms of its popularity for driving. We recommend you make your trip in a rental car. There are rental car shops at Yonago Kitaro Airport where there are international flights, Izumo Airport where there is a sacred place for marriage, Tottori Airport where you will find the hometown of Detective Conan, and Hagi Iwami Airport where there is a base for World Heritage Sites and where watching Iwami kagura (ancient Shinto music and dancing) is popular. The car navigation system will of course be in English. Please make a reservation in advance.
What activities do you recommend in the San’in area?
You can reserve a wide range of travel plans online. These include those that will allow you to experience the life of Japanese people, those that will allow you to fully enjoy the nature and culture here, and those that will allow you to enjoy the sand dunes. Details »
Can you tell me about the best places connected to Detective Conan?
We recommend Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory in Kurayoshi City and Yura Station on the JR San’in Main Line that also has the nickname of “Detective Conan’s Station.” Detective Conan Avenue that connects these locations is popular as a route for a stroll. If you are lucky, you may also come across Detective Conan’s Train.
Can you tell me about the best places connected to GeGeGe no Kitaro?
We recommend Mizuki Shigero Road in Sakaiminato City. The stops on JR Sakai Line are all names of characters in Kitaro. This is great for taking a photograph. There is also a vehicle called the “Kitaro Train.”
Are there tour guides that can speak foreign languages?
There are many licensed tour guide-interpreters. You can also make a reservation from this website. If you visit the San’in area with a tour-guide interpreter, you will be able to visit great off-the-beaten-track locations and even more deeply enjoy the history, culture and life here. Details »

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