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Tottori shanshan festival

The Shanshan Umbrella, a dance by 4,000 people to the accompaniment of the sounds of bells, creates the Tottori Station festival mood. It is a symbol of summer in Tottori. The main event, the Issei Kasa Dance, features 4,000 people dancing to the jingling sounds created by the ringing of bells. The spectacular sight of the dancers holding gorgeous umbrellas fills the streets of Tottori. The Noryo Fireworks Display is held on the last day of the festival and adorns the summer night sky.
Address 〒680-0037 Motomachi, Tottori-shi, Tottori
Tel TEL 0857-20-3210 FAX 0857-20-3046 (The Tottori shanshan festival promotion society secretariat)
Web Site http://www.tottori-shanshan.jp/
Period 08/13/2020~08/15/2020
Fee Free of charge